You just found out your mom is in the hospital or your dad was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  Doctors and other professionals are speaking to you in what must be a foreign language because you don’t seem to understand any of it.  You nod your head as if you do understand and think you will call someone and figure it out later.

You are home, exhausted from the recent events and you reach out to a friend to talk about what is going on. She starts telling you her story and what she did, so you think, I will just do the same thing she did for her parents.  Not necessarily a good idea.

Information about Senior care is like a game of telephone. It gets passed on to others through friends with good intentions, but is often a different version of the original information.  In crisis, people understand what they need to understand and what pertains to them in the moment. For example, I once worked with a gentleman who was moving his mom into a nursing home. By the time they found a place, they had depleted all of her resources and several thousands of dollars of his own because they thought they had to sell mom’s house to be on Medicaid because that was what someone at church told them.  When I told him that was not the case (this was several years ago before some recent law changes), he started crying. I am sure the person at church meant well and it may have been their circumstance. I can say with certainty, in 20 plus years of working in this field that everyone situation is different!

To often, we think we can go it alone, piece together information and figure it out for free.  Let’s face it, we would all like to get something for nothing, right? The fact of the matter is that in this area, that going it alone, trying to piece it together for free from various resources can cost you a lot more in wasted time and energy as well as potentially miss out on ways to actually save money for your parents.  

As an elder care consultant/coach, I can save you time and energy by pointing you in the right direction, get you connected to resources that will help you and your parents and give you some peace of mind that you are in the right track.  Many think it’s just too expensive. What if 10-15 hours of my time meant you could get a plan that was put together just for you, keep you present for your family, and not have you missing work or losing sleep.

I think about the gentleman who sold his moms house and then used his own retirement money (to the tune of 25k) because he relied on someone else’s version of information.  I think of the time, heartache, and money that could have been saved just by paying a professional to guide him. In a couple of hours, I can develop a plan for you that is unique for your needs.  I am here to help. Click on my link to book a strategy session to get you heading I the right direction.


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